Learn how to innovate faster. Like a lean startup.

Series of half-day workshops that will give you the tools and practical skills to operate like a lean startup entrepreneur.

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Boost your innovation skills.

Nine workshops that will help you learn from experienced entrepreneurs how to test and grow your innovative ideas like a lean startup.

Big Ambitious Ideas

Learn how to come up with ideas that can change the world.

Customer Validation

Learn quickly from customers what problems are worth solving.

Value Proposition

Learn how much customers care about your solution to their problem.



Learn how to prototype rapidly to build products that people will love.

Business Models

Learn how your innovation can make money in a sustainable way.


Learn how to plan and deliver a pitch that leads to desired outcomes.



Learn how to build and grow early sales revenues for your high growth startup.

Raising Capital

Learn how to find the right venture investors to fund your innovative startup.

Negotiating Terms

Learn how to negotiate with venture investors to achieve a win-win outcome for your venture.

Innovation Programs

We custom deliver different combinations of these workshops as programs to various organisations and audiences to empower them to innovate and progress fast, like lean startups.

Research to Impact

A 12-week program of four workshops for researchers who intend to learn about commercialisation and how to collaborate and engage with industry.


An intensive two-day program built around four half-day workshops to introduce participants to the practice of lean innovation.

Ideas to Impact

A 12-week program of four workshops for entrepreneurial people with innovative ideas who intend to turn these into high-growth startups and apply to accelerators or incubators.

Facilitator Training

An intensive two-day program that will teach you in practice how to facilitate these workshops.

Advanced Startup

A five-week program of three workshops for startup founders who intend to learn how to grow early sales, identify investors and negotiate win win terms that will set them up for growth.

Custom Programs

We often extend these workshops by adding mentoring hours and run them as a backbone of internal or open accelerator/innovation programs for our customers.

Workshop Facilitators

Experienced entrepreneurs, business operators, venture investors and innovation executives.

Petr Adamek

CEO, CBR Innovation Network

Innovation and business growth expert. Totally focused on results.

Dr Craig Davis

GM, CBRIN Growth Programs

Entrepreneur, angel investor, mentor. Totally focused on progress.

Richard Hume

Business Growth Expert

Sales and business growth expert. Totally focused on driving revenue.

Nick McNaughton

CEO, Significant Capital Ventures

Experienced venture investor, totally focused on driving business growth.

Zachary Sequoia

Founder, Launch Factory

Entrepreneur, digital innovation enthusiast. Totally focused on experience.

Some of our Customers


Get serious about your innovation skills. Learn from experienced entrepreneurs. Let us build a program for you that suits your needs.


  • 1 participant in 1 workshop
  • In a group of 20+
  • 3.5 hours of work in teams
  • Must be high growth potential startup
  • Apply to get this discount
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  • 1 participant
  • 1 workshop
  • in a group of 20+
  • 3.5 hours of work in teams
  • 60 minute 1 on 1 consultation
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  • Exlusive for your group of 20
  • 1 workshop
  • 3.5 hours of work in teams
  • We will custommise case studies
  • We will collect and provide feedback
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Practical Startup Tools

These workshops utilise a number of tools for startups that can be downloaded for a social post at a dedicated website.


Ready to Get Started?

Do you want to learn how to operate like a lean startup entrepreneur? Do you want to progress fast and innovate by learning from customers? Look no further! Take your business skills to the next level.

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